Helpful Checklists for Boomers – Health and Medical Help

As we age it seems like there are more and more medical and health issues that have to be dealt with. They can range from the simple like the fact that you move a little slower these days. You can also face more complex issues like not having the mental facilities to be home alone anymore. Creating checklists for health and medical needs can create peace of mind and keep you on track in the case of an emergency.

There are many different types of checklists for health and medical that you will need. The most common include things such as finding a doctor, what you would need if you were hospitalized and lists that includes your wants and needs if long term care is ever needed. It is also a good idea to create checklists that

The best thing about creating these types of checklists is if a need arrives to use them you already have a plan mapped out. This can be the difference from a medical situation turning into an emergency or not. So for example let’s say you had a slip and fall accident and you are going to be off your feet for a few weeks. During that time who will drive you to doctor’s visits? Who will do your shopping and banking? Answering these questions before you need to makes dealing with the situation much easier.

If you have specific medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer or another illness you will probably want specific lists for those diseases and ailments. Your lists may contain things like what to do in emergency or what foods you should be eating for your medical condition. Creating these types of lists gives you an easy reference if something comes up you are ready for it.

You can also use checklists to help you keep track of general health issues such as preventative medicine, diet and exercise. Creating a visual aid to remind you what you need to do when is a huge help in helping you get done what you need to do. This can be very helpful for things like medicine dosing and times or lists of restricted activities.

There are many “pre-designed” checklists for health and medical these are a good starting place. You can use them to help you think about what kinds of things you should include in your checklists. However you can customize them to your unique and individual needs.

Another great checklist is for meeting with new doctors. As we start to age and have different ailments you will certainly start to meet many new doctors and specialists. You should have a checklist of questions you ask each new doctor to get a feel for who they are and if they are a good doctor for you. Sometime when you are in the office you can get sidetracked but having a checklist makes sure you ask all the right questions and don’t leave any out.

Another way that checklists for health and medical come in handy is when you are receiving long term care from a caregiver. Creating customized checklists for health and medical gives your caregiver a guide to your wishes. This means no matter what situation comes up even if they cannot reach a family member they have a clear and concise plan of what is to be done in that particular situation.

Review the checklists with your caregiver early on so he/she knows exactly what is expected of them. It will also give them a chance to point out any flaws that may be in your plan based on their experience. So stick to your plan but if your caregiver makes valid well reasoned arguments for adjustments take the time to hear and respect their professional opinion and then go from there.

Some checklists for health and medical may require more thinking and planning than others. A list of questions for a new doctor will not take nearly as much time to think about as a checklist that includes a plan for your long term care if needed. So do it step by step. Create the most common and needed first and then start to explore some of the other areas where the need is not immediate but it would be nice to have a concrete plan in writing.

Once you start to get your checklists for health and medical in order there will be less unanswered questions. You will know when the need for a certain type of care arrives that you have a plan. You should share these checklists and their whereabouts with other family members to be sure if the time comes they know you have a plan and where to find it. Also going over these things in advance will give your family members an opportunity to have any questions they may have about your checklists.

If you would like to purchase a set of premade checklists we encourage you to check out Checklists for Life which contains over 195 easy to use checklists. We also have Checklists for Life – Health and Medical version focusing on health and medical topics.

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